We create modern decor with sustainable materials that perfectly complements the space with its sophistication.
My name is Ekaterina and I'm the creator of the Katrin Medzhik brand. At the heart of my work is the desire to create decor items that will make your eyes freeze in search of answers: how is it done? Of what? as unusual...
My main inspiration is harmonious nature, a part of which I try to bring into your life. Abstraction is also close to me, through which I convey mood and energy.


At the heart of my work, I use high-quality materials, such as: solid or oak veneer, merino wool, cotton. As a decor, there can be various materials that can convey my idea.

Caring for the work is simple: don't iron, don't wash, try not to wet the painted work. The only thing that can pollute the work is dust. You can gently beat it off with your hand or shake it off.


  1. You can buy finished products on the site by making a 100% payment by card.
  2. When ordering a product of the previous collection, payment is also made on a 100% prepayment.
  3. In the manufacture of a new product according to your criteria, after agreeing on the sketch, a 70% prepayment is made, 30% after its manufacture.


We carry out delivery in Moscow and the Moscow region, and we can also send the order by mail to anywhere in the world. Delivery cost: from 10 euros and more, depending on the size of the goods.

The buyer pays for shipping upon receipt.

To order and clarify questions, call us, write to the mail or in the social network.
Telephone +7 985 221 53 39

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